Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hey Jack!

Posted by PicasaThis is the work of my son, the first pumpkin he has carved all by himself, unfortunately Jack didn't last to long within two days he had turned to mush and mold.  Luckily I had taken these pictures right away.  I had read somewhere that if you put lemon juice on fruit it will last long, fyi, not true for pumpkins.  He did a good job at carving, I made some pretzel sticks and he made the decorative tin can, he gets his craftiness from me ;).  The rat next to the pumpkin, you can barely see him.  There is a story behind this rat, which is not real, thank goodness.  The kids and I like to trick and scare each other so we have various fake snakes, bug, rodents lying around the house and when you least expect it when you open a draw, closet or container, yes there will be a critter to greet you.  The rat is our lastest addition to the family the kids really got me the other day, I walked right into the bedroom and there he was right in the middle of the floor and oh yes I screamed and ran the other direction and of course then felt foolish, I was the one who had just recently purchased the rat.  They laughed!!! 

It's Spooktacular

This is what I gave my boss for boss's day she loves Halloween, she happens to be my bff, I had made this card awhile back but never found the perfect sentiment for the inside I finally did from Graphicat

The BOMB and not in the good way

Ok , so I haven't been around here in awhile.  I got a little discouraged and lost some juice.  See about a year ago I became a demonstrator, high hopes, gun ho!! not to make millions but to do what I love and share it (yea and ok if I could cover my costs I would have been pleased).  I should have known better this was my third attempt at this kind of business, see , I just am not a salesperson, just doesn't work for me.  So for months I didn't advance in the business part of it, I finally decided to give it a good go ahead, move forward, I had to work it, right?  So I printed some flyers, passed them out, made lots of crafty projects, reserved a building, spent lots of money, and waited for them to come........
.....and waited.  They didn't come!  How could this be?  No one?? (actually my bff and three co-crafters did come, thank you for being there for me) All day we sat there, not one person.  I'm sorry but I found this quite discouraging, I thought I had found the calling I had always been looking for.  Now I had to evaluate my situation again, quit or hang in there?  What to do , what to do?? I really felt after three attempts at this line of work and another let down, I was being told to stop, this is not it, but how can that be, I love this, I love crafting.  So I didn't blog for awhile, I did still craft because I had specific things I had to get done, but my heart wasn't in as much.  That and life kinda got in the way!!  Lots of things going on, I'm sure you all know what I mean.
So today I decided to blog, wasn't going to, it just happened.  I have know decided to just let things be and I will find my path, sooner or later.  I love to craft and will continue, (not to mention I have to use all this stuff I have bought, can't let it go to waste ;)

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