Saturday, October 29, 2011

The BOMB and not in the good way

Ok , so I haven't been around here in awhile.  I got a little discouraged and lost some juice.  See about a year ago I became a demonstrator, high hopes, gun ho!! not to make millions but to do what I love and share it (yea and ok if I could cover my costs I would have been pleased).  I should have known better this was my third attempt at this kind of business, see , I just am not a salesperson, just doesn't work for me.  So for months I didn't advance in the business part of it, I finally decided to give it a good go ahead, move forward, I had to work it, right?  So I printed some flyers, passed them out, made lots of crafty projects, reserved a building, spent lots of money, and waited for them to come........
.....and waited.  They didn't come!  How could this be?  No one?? (actually my bff and three co-crafters did come, thank you for being there for me) All day we sat there, not one person.  I'm sorry but I found this quite discouraging, I thought I had found the calling I had always been looking for.  Now I had to evaluate my situation again, quit or hang in there?  What to do , what to do?? I really felt after three attempts at this line of work and another let down, I was being told to stop, this is not it, but how can that be, I love this, I love crafting.  So I didn't blog for awhile, I did still craft because I had specific things I had to get done, but my heart wasn't in as much.  That and life kinda got in the way!!  Lots of things going on, I'm sure you all know what I mean.
So today I decided to blog, wasn't going to, it just happened.  I have know decided to just let things be and I will find my path, sooner or later.  I love to craft and will continue, (not to mention I have to use all this stuff I have bought, can't let it go to waste ;)

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